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Is my Wife in This Book?

It’s time you took control - of your life and this book…

 The Early Signs:  this time it’s  personal!

You’ll be
able to read
the Early Signs
so much more clearly when
your own Wife
or Girlfriend is shown on the front cover
of this

This new series of humorous books takes
personalisation to the next level.

We love books but want to add a new wing to the library, one where readers, authors and illustrators can get creative in their books.

It’s a small step but this book is already taking publishing somewhere new and we’ve only just started! We’d love you to get involved in Is my Wife a Zombie? Give us your ideas for the next title in the series and what you want to see from personalised books generally.

E A R L Y - S I G N S . c o m

                  I N T E R A C T  P U B L I S H I N G

                                      and  G E T T Y  I M A G E S

Contact: terry@interactpublishing.co.uk

It has all the
virtues of a book -
only you can
personalise its content!